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                      Hongyue and Hongchen companies successfully applied for patents (exhibition part)

                      In the current era, the only constant thing is change. Innovation is the life of an enterprise. Innovation has become the main theme of the development of the times. For enterprises, the development of new products has very important strategic significance, it is an important pillar for the survival and development of enterprises.

                      Advantages of products using UV paint

                      The product uses UV paint UV paint is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet Curing Paint. That is UV-curable paint, also known as photo-initiated paint, photo-curable paint. Unlike PU, PE, NC and other paints, which are named after film-forming substances, UV paints are named after the curing of paint. It is automatically roller-coated and poured onto the surface of the furniture board through machinery and equipment, and through the light curing machine, under the irradiation of ultraviolet light (wavelength 320-390nm) of the UV lamp, the initiator is decomposed, generating free radicals and initiating resin Reaction, instant curing to form a film...

                      Hongyue's advantages of "log solid wood cabinets and wardrobes"

                      Features of Hongyue Log Products 1. High strength durability, corrosion resistance 2. Real environmental protection 3. Super dimensional stability 4. High moisture resistance 5. Color 6. Easy to maintain 7. Thermal conductivity

                      China's wooden door market enters the era of crowds

                      At present, it can be said that the Chinese wooden door market is an era of crowded competition. It is precisely because of this chaotic war that the Chinese wooden door industry has now entered a period of stagnation and uncertainty. Companies in many regions participated in this unprecedented fight, which has caused their respective strengths to be greatly affected.

                      More than 100,000 people gathered in Yangcheng to watch the exhibition-the 8th China (Guangzhou) Door Industry Expo set off a wave of investment

                      At 10 a.m. on March 30, China (Guangzhou) Door Industry Expo was grandly opened in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. The popularity of the scene continued to explode, and the number of visitors to the exhibition once again hit a record high. It is reported that this exhibition will last for three days and will come to an end on the afternoon of April 1.

                      Flooring companies need to change the traditional development model to open up new worlds

                      In the era of knowledge economy, the traditional development model relying on cheap resources and labor has gradually fallen behind. This is also a major crisis faced by China's manufacturing industry in the process of globalization. At present, China's flooring products have been repeatedly subject to anti-dumping. It can be seen that the volume-based low-cost expansion path has not worked. Flooring companies need to change the traditional development model and take the creative development route of combining intellectual property rights and innovation Open up a new world.

                      The era of home distribution 4.0: What challenges will industrial transformation face?

                      All along, social development and economic development have always been accompanied by rounds of rounds of industrial revolutions and model upgrades. This is the summary of solutions to old problems by enterprises, and also the questioning of new problems. In the field of home distribution, the market has experienced three stages of development: market trading, professional wholesale market, and chain operation. Now it is moving towards the era of home distribution 4.0 with standardization, informatization, intensification, and consumption experience upgrade as its core.

                      About company contract signing, stamping, and receipt announcement

                      The contract signing, stamping and receipt of the external contract related to Zhuhai Hongyue Building Materials Co., Ltd. (Head Office) and Zhongshan Hongchen Wood Products Co., Ltd. (Branch):
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